Banks & Leasing Companies:

Colex International does not involve itself with the usual credit card portfolios that most agencies live and die by. Colex focuses on collateralized commercial & consumer debt including deficiency balances.

By concentrating our efforts on this aspect of the financial industry, Colex has been able to refine its approach to what we believe is one of the most productive recovery programs available.

We firmly believe that the key to higher recovery rates is directly related to the TIME, EXPERIENCE AND RESOURCES that we apply to the thorough investigation of each and every claim we work. Our thorough investigations just simply enable us locate more responsible parties to collect from. By turning over more rocks than our competition is willing to do, we are able to not only locate those customers who seem to have disappeared (or unresponsive) parties, but establish the contact that has to be made to motivate the debtor to pay.

Our investigations do not end with the location of the debtor (They Begin There). Prior to contacting the debtor an investigation is conducted to determine the debtors ABILITY to pay (bank accounts, real estate, employment). Armed with this information our collectors are in the most advantageous position to recover what is due when contact is made.

Our investigations also enable us to locate collateral which may not have been recovered, prior to placement. Whether we are looking for a car or commercial equipment, the ability to locate and communicate with the PEOPLE WHO KNOW where the collateral is located, results in higher recovery rate of the collateral, or monetary settlements of the outstanding

The final benefit derived from the superior investigation of your claims comes with the professional guidance our staff can provide when litigation appears to be the only recourse for recovery. (LITIGATION IS NOT ABOUT WINNING A FIGHT, IT'S ABOUT COLLECTING YOUR MONEY.) Throwing hundreds (sometimes thousands) of dollars at a case where upon conclusion you have won an unenforceable judgment is a waste of your time and money. Colex will only recommend litigation when there appears to be an avenue of recovery, either immediately or in the future.

Colex International has consistently outperformed our competition in head to head evaluations (references available). Whether your claim is a $2,000.00 auto deficiency or a $1,000,000.00 commercial loan or lease, Colex International will be your most dependable resource for recovery.

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