Commercial Collections:

Does your customer think more about his cash flow needs than about paying your invoices?

Are you suffering from too many broken promises to pay?

Has your customer had YOUR MONEY long enough?

Colex is the solution to these frustrating issues faced by most companies in this depressed economy.

  • Severely delinquent accounts require professional intervention.  If your customer is not paying you, chances are they are not paying other companies either.  Make sure that you are on top of the payable pile when the indebted customer decides whom he’s going to pay next.  Colex ensures that your customer understands that it is time to pay YOU and NOT someone else!

  • Customers will respond quicker to a third party than to a vendor for many reasons.  The involvement of a third party often clarifies any payment issues, and changes the issue of ”if” payment will be made, to  ”when”

The US Commerce Department has conducted statistical analysis to determine what are the actual costs of aging receivables to US businesses.

Below are the hard cold facts. As the age of the debt increases, the probability of ever getting paid your money decreases.


Example: Statistics show if you haven't been paid 6 months after billing your customer, at least 33% of these billings will probably never be paid, even with professional intervention.

It is imperative that you are confident that your accounts are being handled by collectors with proven success and industry leading results.  At Colex only seasoned veterans will ever handle your files.

Colex’s skill in communicating to your delinquent accounts, that it is “in their best interest” to pay you NOW will generate payments faster.  Our experienced staff knows how to motivate, how to negotiate, and how to get paid.

Colex instills urgency in your customer that sets the tone for immediate payment.