Construction & Landscaping, Home Repair & Maintenance Services:

Unlike many agencies Colex International represents many large and small companies which are involved in Commercial as well as Residential Construction, Installation and Service/Repair.

If you have provided quality work and materials, you deserve to be paid in a timely manner.

constructionWe have represented Sub-Contractors against Developers and General Contractors.

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(If they haven’t been paid, it’s not your problem.)

We have represented Contractors against homeowners and owners of large or multiple commercial properties.

From Masonry to Carpentry, from Plumbers to Electricians, from Air Conditioning/Heating Installation & Repair and not to mention Landscape & Design, Colex International has been there. We know what kind of problems you face, just trying to get paid, for a job well done.

Colex does not believe you should have to beg for your money!!!!

If your delinquent customer or general contractor. wants to play games, then you need to play “HARD BALL”.

Our staff of seasoned collectors will make your “past due” customers understand that ignoring your billings or our calls is not a viable option. If they don’t want to

A) “discuss it” then,

B) We can and will arrange to discuss it with a judge.

When our collectors are done “discussing the situation” your customer will decide that it’s just easier and more “cost effective” to TO PAY YOU & NOT SOMEONE ELSE.