Consumer Collections:


Every Individual is different.consumer_collection

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Many businesses provide most or all of their products and services directly to the general public. When collection action is required for unpaid billings, you should to be sure that the agency you hire is in direct compliance with the Fair Debt Statutes (FDCPA) required by the federal government, as well as local laws, which can differ from state to state.

Colex International makes certain that all of its collection personnel are fully trained in and abide by all governing laws.

Although the government has imposed strict guidelines on what methods can be used to persuade your customer to pay your invoicing, the collectors at Colex have years of experience motivating your “customers” to do just that.

Our ability to convince the average individual to DO THE RIGHT THING, has enabled Colex to collect tens of millions of dollars for our clients.

Every individual is different and is motivated in different ways, the ability to size up who you are dealing with and convey the correct motivational information, is what separates the Professional Collector from the “Clerks”.

 Colex International DOES NOT EMPLOY CLERKS.

When you have to get the maximum return from your receivables, Colex is essentially the only choice.