Private Education & Vocational Training
Pre & Nursery School Programs
(Outstanding Tuition & Fees)

The operation of educational facilities, whether for school-age children, pre-school or different forms of adult education and professional training, require proper funding.  The costs associated with the day-to-day operations, from the salaries of teachers/trainers or the necessary insurance, maintenance, supplies, equipment, and utilities etc., have created very stressful challenges for the administrators of such facilities.

The challenge of providing the very best educational “experience” and “environment” with the necessity of keeping fees or tuition at reasonable levels has become even more challenging as the individuals responsible for paying the costs of admission to your facility fail to live up to their financial commitments.

There are many reasons that fees or tuition go unpaid.  Without the recovery of as much of this revenue as possible, you have no choice but to consider increasing your admission fees or to provide less to your students. Unfortunately, you can be put into this position, in many cases, by individuals who have the resources to pay for the commitments they have made to your educational educationinstitution.

Individuals who would never consider not paying their automobile loan will have a list of reasons why they haven’t or can’t pay your fees.  They need to be made aware that their logic and excuses will not be tolerated if their financial realities show that they have the means to pay the commitments they have made to you.  We have the resources to investigate these individuals.

Colex International has been protecting the interests of Educational Institutions & Businesses for many years.

Whether we are able to recover the entire outstanding balance due either all at once or by setting up and closely monitoring a repayment plan, our commitment to recovering the funds you have already earned is critical to your ability to continue to provide quality educational services.

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Let Colex deal with the headaches of promoting financial responsibility while you concentrate on providing the quality educational experience your students and their parents expect and deserve.

There are no fees for our services until we are successful in recovering your outstanding balances.  Only then, do we retain a small percentage of what is recovered.

Understandably, you might be concerned about fees and tuition that have not been paid to you this year.

You should be aware that you have the RIGHT to recover monies dating back 6 years, depending on the statute of limitations in your state. In many cases the reasons you were initially not paid (I haven’t found a job yet, I am currently unemployed, or I’m in the middle of a divorce) are currently no longer the case. With the information contained in your original admission application, we can usually find the individuals who seemed to have vanished years ago and re-examine their ABILITY to clear up their obligations to you and MOTIVATE them to do so.