Healthcare Services

Colex International has wide experience

The non-payment of fees for Health Care Services rendered, is unfortunately a burden which plagues all Medical professionals.  Whether the Patient is uninsured, or burdened by high deductibles,  many do not seem to understand (or don’t want to understand) that they are ultimately responsible for payment of the services they have received from your office.

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With the costs of operating a Medical Practice or Heath Care facility constantly rising and the reimbursement rates being paid by HMO’s not keeping pace, it is essential that your Practice recover as much of your billed receivables as possible.

It is unfortunate that there are individuals, who because of economic realities, are having a hard time meeting their financial obligations to your office.

But many of these individuals can and will make good on their obligations, if they are treated with respect and are closely monitored with structured repayment

There will always also be Patients who have the means, but not the inclination to pay your billings. These individuals will simply ignore your billings, write bad checks, or receive payment from their insurance companies directly,  then neglect to forward the funds to your office. These individuals need to be dealt with as quickly as possible. The more time that passes before you take appropriate action on these matters, the less likely you are to recover your funds.

Once the decision has been made to use an outside agency to maximize your recoveries, you need to be sure that the people representing you are in full compliance with all Local, State and Federal Regulations pertaining to the recovery of consumer debt. (FDCPA) All employees of Colex International are required to work within the current regulations at all times.

More importantly you need to be sure that the collectors handling your files, who are dealing directly with the Patients, are compliant with all HIPAA regulations. Just as critical are the INFORMATION SECURITY requirements that must be in place to ensure compliance with current regulations. Colex International has made certain that all its systems are compliant and secure.

Colex International has been representing Doctors, Dentists, & other Health Care Professionals and facilities for many years. The successful recovery programs that have been implemented for our clients have made this division of our company the recipient of more new clients, “via recommendation” from current clients, than any other. (Good news travels fast.)

You need to be confident that your accounts are getting the necessary attention to ensure that WHATEVER CAN BE COLLECTED, WILL BE COLLECTED.

If you have never pursued your past due billings or are not happy with the results your current agency is achieving, then it is time let Colex International show you what is possible.

Call 800-821-8279 – Extension 186 for Scott Olsen who is prepared to quickly respond to your inquiry.