Since the day Guttenberg ran his 1st page of print, publishing has empowered and informed the masses.

The ability to reach hundreds then thousands and then millions with information, thoughts, ideas and images has become very big business.

The resources necessary to keep the presses rolling come from the advertising dollars that companies are willing to spend to reach “THE AUDIENCE” who they believe want or need their products or services.publishers

Although a large portions of these advertising dollars come from dependable “National Accounts”, who will occasionally make you wait for your revenue, but usually settle up their accounts, a growing portion of advertising dollars are coming from fairly new companies.

All of these companies are coming to you because they NEED to reach your audience.

Unfortunately many of these companies do not have the resources to “properly fund advertising campaigns” and are counting on space in your publication to bring them the revenue they REALLY NEED to pay for the advertising they REALLY NEED.

If their best laid plans don’t produce the results they were counting on, many of these companies will conclude it’s your fault, so they shouldn’t have to pay you.

It’s important to understand two things when dealing with small up and coming companies.

1.  Most will go out of business within 1-3 years.

2.  Most have very limited resources to start with.

With the above in mind, you can not patiently wait to get paid.

If your customer has gone 60 days past their contractual payment date, you must move aggressively to recover the revenue that is due to you or kiss a good portion of it goodbye.

Colex International has been dealing with advertising related debts for many years. From National and International Magazines to local and Mom & Pop Newspapers, from Internet Streamers and Banner Ads to Billboards, Colex has heard every excuse ever thought of for not paying for Ads and has managed to collected millions of dollars for our clients.

If your current agency or attorney is not collecting every dollar owed to you from every company which is still in business, then its time for a change.

When your bottom line requires that you recover every dollar that is collectable, it just pays to have Colex on your side.