Wholesale Distributors and Manufacturers:

Manufacturers who distribute their products directly to the end users, face many of the same problems faced by Wholesale distributors.

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By encouraging their sales representatives to aggressively expand the company’s client base, sometimes proper controls for the extension of credit are sidestepped or ignored, for the sake of the sale.

Occasionally the strict adherence to controls fails to uncover potential problem customers until it’s too late.

Regardless, when your invoice remains open beyond 60 days (unless otherwise agreed) you’ve got a problem.

If your customer is not paying you, chances are they are not paying other suppliers as well.wholesale

At this point, having Colex International on your side is critical.

In the long run (sometimes-short run) some of the customer’s suppliers are not going to get paid. This is why it is critical to get your invoice(s) on the “TOP OF THE PILE.”

Our highly trained ”MOTIVATERS” will make sure that your invoice(s) gets priority attention.

WHY? Because your customer will believe that it is in his “BEST INTEREST” to do so. (WHICH IS THE ONLY REASON “DEADBEATS” DO ANYTHING.)

Whether you have one problem invoice or a few hundred per month, Colex can be the advantage you need to recover every possible dollar that is owed to you.

If your customer has not filed for bankruptcy protection, gone out of business or is not deceased then there is no reason why your money can not be recovered. If your present agency does not have this attitude, then it may be time to change agencies.